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  • Since you invest your clients' money, what's your track record?
    We have easily 100+ different portfolios, because we're the advisor to that number of client families and households--each geared to the client’s circumstances, personal goals and emotional state of mind. That must mean we have something like 100+ different “track records”. And we can’t tell you what they are because we don’t have them memorized. But we do know that we're pleased with all 100+ because each client understands that their portfolio is geared towards their own unique situation. What’s more, our clients also understand the most important factor in their portfolio’s success -- their behavior -- while the markets do their thing...not some superpower investment selection.
  • I already have a CPA. Why would I need you?
    Perfect! It's better that you have a CPA. Many of our clients already have a CPA. (Even Rick has a CPA!) They are good at reporting history. What already has been done. Looking at how much income you’ve made, and hopefully paying as little in taxes as possible. CPAs aren't meant make you money, and their primary purpose isn't to create wealth. They exist so that you pay less in taxes. (Some of our clients have realized that their CPA doesn’t even do that.) Our job is to make your portfolio grow. A CPA's job is to minimize the amount of taxable income you generate. Put those two positions together, and you have a dream team! That is called teamwork. Imagine what your net worth can be if you had that combination.
  • I already have an investment advisor, so why should I work with you?
    This is good to know because the most successful people are not do-it-yourselfers. Did you also know that the average wealthy individual has more than one advisor? (Just like many world champion athletes have several coaches.) And do you know how wealthy people increase their wealth? They hedge, and diversify. Not only with their assets…but also with their advisors. What if you could bounce your advisor's ideas off of us, and get our opinion. Objectively. And then when we share ideas, we hope you would run them by your other advisor as well! This is how the wealthy stay a step ahead. It’s like having a dream team. You now have TWO highly qualified people working for you—not just one. No single advisor has all of the answers, and you want as many options as possible.
  • Can you show me some of the results from your clients?
    Unfortunately, no. This is not something that is allowed! Regulators are not keen to such an idea. Furthermore, we take client privacy very seriously and never share such confidential information to anyone.
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