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Financial planning doesn’t have to be confusing, boring and blah.

Fortunately for you, I’m that guy who actually loves things like compounding interest, ROI, numbers and financial statements.

Rick Head Shot.jpg


If you need someone who will make you feel comfortable and confident...

If you need someone who promises to never throw around terms like "beta" and "inverted yield curve" and expect you to follow right along....


If you need someone to show you possible solutions to a financial independence life that you've never considered before...


If you need this to be an EXPERIENCE not a chore...


Then I believe it’s about time we talked.


I aim to...


  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary®

  • Provide objective, unfiltered advice that's valuable to you

  • Bring you ideas that are relevant in today's market

  • Protect you from other sales-oriented people seeking to make quotas

  • Shield you from "shiny pennysyndrome 

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