Our Services

Investment Planning

Are you investing? In the right things?

Do you play it safe, fly by the seat of your pants or do you not fly at all?

No matter where you’re at, we’ll figure out your investment personality and risk tolerance and then craft plans that align with your needs, your income and your comfort level.

And best of all?

Take the mystery and stress out of all this.

After all, planning for your future should be enjoyable.

Financial Planning

How do the most successful individuals and families get closer to their financial goals?

They create excellent road maps, and then they throw their shoulders back and march down their planned paths, with the confidence required to tackle anything they encounter along the way.

Let’s make you one of those road maps.

Education Planning

Whether your kids are into reading, robots, Rachmaninoff or rodeo, you likely have funding their big dreams on your radar.

We can talk (and walk) through ways to help make this goal closer to reality.

Your children–and their futures–will thank you.


Socially Responsible Investing

Is your life drawn towards helping society and helping the planet?


Are you more of a Trader Joe’s person vs. Kroger? Solar panels on the roof?


Maybe it’s time to sync your personal values with your money?


An increasing number of investors are looking at Socially Responsible Investing, which focuses more than just financial statements to pick investments. Should you be a part of the growing crowd looking to do well by doing good?

Let's see if this is right for you!


(Your hybrid car may thank you.)

Investing in the stock market involves gains and losses and may not be suitable for all investors. The investment’s socially responsible focus may limit the investment options available to the investment and may result in returns lower than those from investments not subject to such investment considerations.

Small Business Retirement Plans

Being your own boss is great in so many ways. There’s no need to ask permission to skip out of the office to catch a ballgame. The buck stops with you. You’re doing something you love!


But one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is not planning adequately for their retirement. Yes, you've got loads of responsibilities on your plate, but don't put the idea of retirement savings on the back-burner.

Even if your business is your most valuable asset, it can make sense to have a savings plan in place to support that business value while saving some taxes along the way. Fortunately, there are a variety of tax-favored plans to help self-employed small-business owners like you save for retirement. 

SEP-IRA? SIMPLE-IRA? Solo 401(K)? 401(K)? Something else? Together, we can weigh the pros and cons and help relieve the burden of selecting the right retirement plan for you.