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The Hair Salon

Your hair looks good today. 


When did you last have it done? 


Maybe it was a complete restyle to make the most of those cheekbones. Maybe it was a cut and color to see in 2017 with a mocha brown bang. Or maybe it was the bounciest of blowouts that made you feel like a supermodel, if only for a day. 


(I’m a guy, I’m trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about.)


Whatever it was, I’m going to take a wild-west guess that you didn’t do it yourself. 


Why? Well, because you don’t know how. You haven’t been trained. That’s not your area of expertise. Sure, anyone can pick up a pair of scissors, but that doesn’t mean they know how to use them. Not on hair, anyway...


I have a friend who’s a prime example. When she was younger (a looooot younger) she decided she didn’t like her fringe anymore. Instead of embracing patience and waiting for it to grow out, she chopped the whole thing off. At the root.




When it started growing back it stuck out of her forehead like a toothbrush. She wasn’t in a rush to do that again, instead leaving the scissor work to a professional.


A professional who knows how to cut a fringe like the back of her hand. 


A professional who knows how to apply color without it ending up patchy.


A professional who can restyle a whole heap o’ hair within an hour – and hold a conversation about America’s Got Talent at the same time. 


They make it look so quick and easy. And it is, for them. It wouldn’t be for you or I. They’ve put the time and energy into their learning. Honing those skills. Building that experience. Cutting many a strand of hair. 


And it’s for that reason we trust them to use a weapon ever so close to our ears. They know what they’re doing, so we pay them to do it for us. Why waste the time trying to figure out how to do it for ourselves and risk getting it horribly wrong like my friend?


Simple answer: you wouldn’t.


It’s just the same with finance. Professional advisers – the good ones, at least – have put time and energy into learning everything there is to know about the market, honed their skills in keeping up with the economy, and built their experience of making investments. Why spend your time worrying about where to put your money when someone is trained to do it for you? 


Simple answer: you shouldn’t.


Professional financial advisors (like me!) are here to do what you can’t. Spread your assets across a solid portfolio. Make changes as your situation changes. Help you make sound decisions in times of uncertainty. So that you know your money is in the right places at the right times, doing what it needs to do. 


To steal L’Oreal’s line (and stick with the hair theme), we’re worth it

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