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You’re at your daughter’s Saturday lacrosse game, basking in that perfect half sun / half shade spot you managed to score.

Or, you’re sipping on some dark roast, sitting poolside early in the morning, celebrating 14 years of marriage to your very best friend, who demonstrates his adoration for you by gliding across the deck and busting out a world-class cannonball.

(Yep, you married the right one.)

Or maybe you’re just quietly reading that paperback that you’ve been dying to get your hands on.

Relishing the moment, that doesn’t happen enough.

And all the while, you know.

You know that you’re prepared.

That your money’s in smart places, working for you.

That you don’t have to let financial worry get in the way of these–life’s most pleasurable moments.

And that feels so good.




But it’ll feel even better when this is real.


Together, let’s settle in with a couple of lattes. Let’s design your financial future.

Our process, while simple, is completely customized to your needs. In a nutshell it looks like this:

(goals, worries, plans… bring ‘em all)
(great guy, lots of financial and investment planning smarts)
(and one heck of a plan in place)

Financial planning doesn’t have to be confusing, boring and blah. This is exactly where I come in.

I’m that guy who actually loves things like compounding interest, ROI and financial statements. I’m not a financial planner because my guidance counselor once told me I should give it a whirl.

I was meant to do this.

I’m that guy who makes your trip to the financial planner a lot more like that neighborhood tapas cafe, and a lot less like your high school accounting class. (This is where I mention that I’m half Spanish. So I know my tapas cafes. :o) )

I help brilliant, well-intentioned (and typically, very busy) folks like you cook up game plans designed to …

: Help get your money working for you :

: Help send your young prodigies off to college :

: Help better position you for retirement…..or that future condo in Maui, Miami or Madrid (I vote Madrid) :


: Help you to sleep a wee bit better at night :

And I do all of this in a way that makes it instantly clear that you are dealing with a competent, stable, trustworthy and downright enjoyable advisor.

Together, we’ll roll up our sleeves and figure out some very doable adjustments you can make that could steer the course of your personal finances in the right direction.

I’m ready when you are.

  • If you need someone who will make you feel comfortable and confident…

  • If you need someone who promises to never throw around terms like “QE3″ and “Fiscal Cliff” and expect you to follow right along…

  • If you need someone to guide you through it, and teach you how to make it happen…

  • If much of your life feels under control, but your finances are anything but…

  • If you need this to be an EXPERIENCE, not a chore…

Then I believe it’s about time we talked.