Top 10 Reasons You Need Rick:

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He makes the process of creating a financial or investment plan easier, down-to-earth, and downright enjoyable.


He’s got both the street cred and (more importantly) the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification that affirms his passion for–and in-depth understanding of all things– financial. Confusing numbers? Dizzying spreadsheets? Bring ‘em on.


You don’t have to mess with parking garages, validate your parking ticket or flip through last year's tattered Money magazine as you wait to meet him. Instead, you get to visit their attractive, hassle-free East Dallas/Hollywood Heights location. (Or, if you find yourself swamped and unable…he’ll come to you.)


The next stuffy financial planner’s commercial that comes on the radio won’t be his.


He will contact you on your birthday. Heck, he might even bring you cake, or ice cream. Or BOTH.


You’ll see how he loves to give personalized, attentive and prompt service. (Don’t put it past him to have your favorite beverage stocked when you arrive. Whether it’s Italian sparkling mineral water with lime, an almond milk/banana/cashew butter smoothie, or something else that pleases your fancy–really.)


He helps you make great decisions by recommending thoughtful solutions that align with your specific goals, income and situation. This is about you, not Rick–despite the title of this page.


He doesn’t use big, confusing terms that make no sense to 94% of the human population. You came for advice and answers–not a finance degree, right?


His team is comprised of the most generous, thoughtful, service-oriented people in the city of Dallas. Which, when you consider how ridiculously nice Texans are to begin with, says a lot about what kind of place we’re running.


He cares. He cares a whole lot. Go ahead–test him.